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The Conjunction of Visionaries

It’s a rare conjunction of Millennials who was born and brought up in two different cultures. Surprisingly their similarities in thinking and the passion for excellence seeded a great foundation. “Shift “is the vision born out of the ideas of these two brilliant men for standing tall and loud for doing the right thing at the right time. In 2014, Sheikh Faisal invited Abdulrahman Totonji from United States to join him and manage the premium Villa Construction Projects. This is the beginning of a journey that shaped up “Shift “ to becoming one of the most progressive organization with a promising future which has expanded to all horizons in the business world.



In 2015, the idea of creating a centralized management for the scattered bits of entities was realized. By that time, Shift had few entities to name; Shift Trading & Contracting, Shift Rubber Industries, Shift Office Supplies, Tandoor Palace and Tuana Hospitality who operated Ala Turkish Cuisine in Pearl Qatar.

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Weaving the Web

In 2015 to 2017 forming up the centralized management team began. Picking up talent, creating business strategies, evaluating the profitability, executing different strategies to operate and sustain in the market was vigilantly monitored. As in all Corporations, Shift too, had its rough path.

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Beacon of Light

Year 2018 was termed as the year of breakthrough. After Re-structuring and streamlining “Shift” moved to the breakeven point of its businesses. Bereaving the Gulf Political turmoil and the embargo, we witnessed the birth of Bread & Butter to fill the gaps in Qatari Consumer Market. Today, Bread & Butter has gradually made its presence in Qatari Market as a trusted wholesale dealer.

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Taming the Giants

It was the Lilliput’s challenge with Gullivers! In 2018, Shift Group was entrusted with the responsibilities of managing Al Hamla Group Entities which had highly valued assets, various areas of businesses with considerable amount of liabilities. With carefully defined strategies, evaluating each entity closely on their performance, finances, management strategies and operating methods, Shift was able to win the challenge. Overall 15 entities were given to manage and restructure! Out of which stood tall are some of the prestigious brands and most expensive assets such as the SBE Group’s Mondrian Hotel, New York Franchise Magnolia Bakery, Gate way Tower at the Pearl ;Today rebranded as “Treve Tower”, Other prestigious restaurants, Cement Factories, Ibis & Adagio Apartment Hotels etc. With vigorous efforts, restructuring was done as some losing entities were restructured or closed and some are managed to shed rays of hope for years of profitability. Shift managed The Mondrian Hotel, Magnolia Bakery, Sehmiah Cement , Sehmiah Transport, Sedriyah Cement , Treve Tower, Takamul also the owner of Tower 18, Ibis & Adagio Apartment Hotels Construction Project with an overall employee count to 1000.

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Sustainable Growth Management

The Vision Statement was Cemented! We know what we do best. In any field, evolving to reach excellence and sustaining it is the greatest achievement. We have shaped up our journey not only to be profitable but to give back to the community. Over the years, with our humble beginnings and rough journey we have learned that the greatest asset a company could have is their happy and committed employees. It is the foundation of the two visionaries who created “Shift” with Lilliputs who eventually became Gullivers that created trends and brands to thrive in the Corporate World!

Thank you for viewing our story. Hope this inspires you!

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