Aiming for sustainable growth – beyond tomorrow

In 2013 we announced a mission of forming a group joining together our multiple business entities with our long-term management vision for sustainable growth management beyond tomorrow. Naturally, we cannot accurately predict what the world will be like in ten or twenty years time. That is why we laid the foundation for a solid operating platform that can help us sustain growth even under uncertain conditions.

achieve our vision

To achieve our vision, we are working to address two overriding issues: transforming our business model and improving the profitability of our local and international operations. Our Manufacturing and Retail businesses are shifting to a consulting-based approach to meet individual needs and diversifying our offerings by working closely with clients as a reliable partner. In Wholesale, we are focusing on our areas of strength where there’s client demand and recalibrating our business portfolio to take our services to the next level.

our quality

Our clients are aware of our quality, dedication, and capabilities; by delivering the trust they place in us, we have been able to forge close business partnerships with many well-established companies locally and internationally.

Our Founder’s Principles have acted as a compass to guide our work and contribute to economic and social development.
As our operating environment changes, we distill what is to be passed on to future generations from what needs to change.

Joy Alvarez

Companies Managed By Shift

We help companies to define their new business objectives and then create the road map to get them there by devising a business strategy for growth that builds both the company profile and client base

Our Industries

Shift has a strong presence in diverse sectors. This makes us less sensitive to sector-specific trends and it also benefits our customers, because solutions we develop for customers in one sector often form the basis of innovations in others

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Working at SHIFT means feeling empowered to make a difference and inspired to bring innovation to employee compensation.


We believe in positivity and we invest in happiness The result is our sustainable growth

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