Vibrocomp is a Civil Engineering Consultancy company that provides a wide range of technology solutions and technical assistance services with innovative and high quality approaches in the field of environmental Noise, Air and Vibration pollution prediction, measurement, modeling and mitigation planning.

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The expertise of VIBROCOMP’s specialists in Noise, Air and Vibration cover a broad range of know-how in civil engineering, urban and industrial projects. We provide environmental and workplace risk assessments, and communication, altogether to facilitate your design and decision making process and communication with all the parties involved. and industrial building projects in Qatar.

Our strength is our people whom we have carefully chosen for their proven expertise, commitment and experience. We have mastered our turnover times on construction sites with significant saving to the bottom-line. We carefully analyze the needs of our potential customers and available market forecast information and deliver sustainably on our scope without dramatically changing our strategies, pricing policy or marketing approach We engage in superior designs and fit outs.

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Infrastructure Developments

Based on accurate monitoring and/or model calculations Vibrocomp predicts the pollution levels from airports, roads, railway/metro lines and seaports. VIBROCOMP also provides reduction action plans with cost optimizations, customized solutions to be implemented in the planning phase to reduce exposure to pollution in the future.

Services include

  • Air quality and noise prediction model and reduction from construction and operation
  • Air quality samplings
  • Noise & vibration monitoring measurements
  • Mitigation measures: if reduction measures are necessary we deliver the design and the cost prediction

Industrial Developments

Industrial developments nowadays face a significant challenge to reduce their air & noise emission both inside the plant /workplaces/ and in the surrounding environment. VIBROCOMP gives quick and accurate figures to the baseline and provides cost-effective solutions if reduction is necessary

Services include

  • Rediction and reduction of the air pollution & noise coming from the facility
  • Model calculations to determine interior and exterior air quality & noise levels
  • Air quality & noise prediction at workplaces
  • Design of noise insulation for control rooms at industrial facilities
  • Acoustic studies to verify PA/GA systems
  • Vibration reduction design for machinery


Architectural planning nowadays faces more and more the challenge of sustainable environmental friendly development. While still being in the planning phase, VIBROCOMP predicts the air quality noise & vibration impact of future developments. Architects benefit from our model prediction when considering an environmental friendly and sustainable development with comfortable interior noise levels

Services include

  • To determine the future air quality & noise effect on residents, and if mitigation measures are necessary
  • Room acoustics take the environmental factor in decision, when developing your apartment layouts
  • Mitigation measures: if reduction measures are necessary we deliver the acoustic design and the cost prediction


Constructions come usually with short term very high levels of noise and sometimes vibration. In order to minimize the effect of constructions on the neighboring sensitive areas VIBROCOMP measures models and predicts the noise and vibration coming from construction activities. Mitigation measures are the best and cost effective, when planned in the preparatory phase of the constructions according to the organization plan.

Services include

  • Baseline air quality, noise & vibration sampling / long term monitoring
  • Noise and vibration prediction / reduction from any kind of construction
  • Noise and vibration modeling along transport routes during construction
  • Noise and vibration monitoring measurements, during construction to ensure the safety of sensitive

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